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As the largest state in the continental US and sporting a population of nearly 30 million, Texas is one of our Nationís leaders. Sadly, this does not extend to Texas health insurance, as many Texans find themselves having to foot the bill for Texas health insurance costs themselves. When the average household income is devoting 20% or more towards basic Texas health insurance coverage, families start to make tough choices.

While it may not seem like it, Texas health insurance is a necessity that Texans cannot afford to live without. The average hospital visit can range anywhere from $5000 to $20000 without Texas health insurance, and any emergency work that needs to be done can only complicate things. Plus, even with the reduced cost of generic drugs there are still millions of Texans who cannot afford their medications without the helping hand of insurance. Keeping all this in mind, how can the average cost of Texas health insurance coverage translate into an affordable family expenditure? Listed below are ten easy to follow tips on how to reduce and manage your Texas health insurance costs.

Get A Texas Health Savings Account Policy

When shopping for Texas health insurance, you may come across an HSA (Health Savings Account) policy. These work a lot like regular insurance policies, however part of the cost comes out of a savings account that you put money into each month. You can do this directly, or often times have an arrangement set up with your employer. Some companies only offer HAS policies due to the fact that they keep the money you put into them even if you donít immediately spend it. Plus, HAS policies are tax free.

If you have minor medical expenses, or are in a position to put aside a little each month (and we really do mean a little), then it might serve you to find an HAS policy. While cheaper than most insurance, some HAS policies are limited as to what they cover or how they work, so research your policy before choosing the right one for you.

Get Your Texas Insurance Policy Early

The younger you are, the less of a health risk you are seen as. When shopping for insurance, you will find that your policy rates shift dramatically between the ages of 29 and 30, and again between 34 and 35. The sooner you start your policy, the easier it is to establish and lock in a steady rate.

The only problem with looking for Texas health insurance coverage at an early age is usually young people donít have a lot of money. If nothing else, set yourself up with a base policy and build from there. The sooner youíre established, the easier it is.

One more thing about early policies to consider is the issue of pregnancy. If you get your insurance before you or your spouse becomes pregnant, they will often times recognize the pregnancy without any additional concern, however if you get your policy during or after your pregnancy, many companies will view that as a possible health risk and refuse to cover any problems that may arise as a result of that pregnancy. Make sure your insurance carrier will accept a pregnancy and that it wonít make your bill one you canít afford.

Use Your Free Texas Health Insurance Offers

If you are offered a free service by your insurance carrier, take it and use it. Texas health insurance coverage is competitive, and many will offer perks if you are a loyal customer. If you are allowed so many visits to a certain kind of specialist or any other free items, use them as often as you can. This shows the insurance company that you are thinking preventatively and in terms of your claims will give you a better leg to stand on if something serious does come along in the future. After all, insurance companies canít complain too much if youíve been doing your part.

Texas Insurance Get the High Texas Health Insurance Deductible

Health coverage in Texas can be pretty costly, so it can be hard to justify a high deductible. Just keep in mind that a few extra dollars a month now can save you major bill headaches if something serious arrives. Many deductibles will only offer shifts of $10-$25 extra a month. This may seem high, but when youíre faced with a $2,000 co pay versus a $10,000 for emergency surgery, this extra $25 a month suddenly makes a lot of sense. Plus a high deductible can often times reduce or altogether eliminate the cost of prescriptions, which many families may welcome for a few dollars more a month.

Subsidized TX Insurance Subsidized TX Health Insurance

No matter what you do, sometimes finding affordable TX health insurance coverage may just be out of the question. If this is the case, there are government programs that can help. Depending on your age, pre-existing conditions or income levels, many state and federal agencies may offer programs to help alleviate medical costs like Medicare and Medicaid. If you qualify for these programs, there is no shame in getting assistance. Besides, what good is pride if your medical condition costs more than you can afford?

Also, if you have a fixed income from the government, many providers of Texas health insurance coverage will work with those fixed incomes to make sure the amount being claimed each month is one you can manage. Ask around, consult your doctors and get the facts about which government plan is best for you.

Finally, make sure your doctorís office will accept subsidized insurance. While the government is reliable, they can be slow on their pay outs to medical facilities, and due to the red tape involved some private practices simply wonít recognize any subsidized insurance, so make sure that you have a medical provider who is willing to work with you.

You need to quit somking Quit Smoking

For some, the idea of not smoking is pure madness, but when you consider that the cost of Texas health insurance for smokers jumps nearly 1/3 a year over the average rate of a non-smoker, it suddenly starts to make sense as to why you should stop.

Smoking has been proven to cause a higher risk of heart attacks, lung cancer, problems with pregnancies and a host of other medical conditions. Plus, if your insurance carrier knows youíve been smoking, that may be seen as an excuse to not cover a condition that may arise in the future. Smoking is even seen by some Texas companies as a pre-existing condition, and anything that may result from your smoking would also fall under that category. If you or your family smoke and you desperately need to lower the cost of your Texas insurance, or you question why your policy keeps changing, quitting may be the answer youíre looking for.

You should have an emergency plan Have An Emergency Plan

Your insurance may be some of the greatest Texas health insurance to date, but that doesnít mean it will be recognized at all hospitals. If you think you may have a policy that isnít covered by a medical provider, then make a list of everyone who does provide Texas insurance coverage ahead of time. This can save you crucial moments when trying to get to a local hospital in an emergency.

If youíre not sure how to find out if your medical carrier works with your insurance, simply call them and ask. Also, ask if your hospital is a magnet hospital. If your insurance is covered by one, it should be covered by all of them in the area, but again make sure yourself. Also, contact your local Immediate Cares, drug stores, family practitioners and anyone else who you have insurance questions about. A few minutes on the phone now can save you headaches in the future.

Bundle the costs when it comes to Texas Health Insurance Bundle Insurance Costs

Unless itís vital to your family, do not carry dual providers. This is a nightmare you donít want to get into, as neither one will want to eat any emergency costs. Also, consider that the average family policy can run anywhere from $400-$700, while individual policies can run as high as $350. When shopping for Texas health insurance coverage, you want to make sure that your entire family is covered for as little out of your pocket as possible.

The only time this is acceptable is when employers are willing to eat the cost of insurance for you. If you and your spouse are on two different work policies, investigate them both and find out which one provides the most for the least out of your pocket, and see about switching. Some employers will pay for group insurance on you, regardless of if you have family or not, so investigate your work policy and see about combining everyone under one carrier.

Shop Around

There are dozens of policies available to the savvy shopper, and just because you have one set, that doesnít mean that you should stop looking. Health insurance in Texas is a highly competitive business, and insurance providers will often times try to entice you away with lower rates, better Texas health insurance coverage and special perks like free specialist visits or by filling a number of prescriptions for free.

Also, rates can change from year to year. While your policy may be the best right now, that doesnít mean that rates wonít rise or fall. If you have a set policy and the rates go down, your insurance carrier may not adjust your rate to match the market. Always make sure you have the best policy available for you and your family.

Know The Rules

Insurance companies are not out to help you, they are out to make money. If an insurance company can deny your claim, they are going to do everything in their power to make it so. When shopping for Texas health insurance, protect yourself by making sure you fully understand the rules of your policy, and that if there is a set procedure for you to follow in order to activate your Texas health insurance coverage, you follow through with that procedure to the letter.

If you call your agent and ask, many will provide you with a series of protocols that you would need to follow in the event of an emergency. This is vital to know, as some insurance companies will deny you coverage over something as trivial as a hospital form being filled out incorrectly. Also, if you accidentally go to a medical provider that is not recognized by your insurance, there is no way you will ever see anything in terms of assistance, so again, make sure you know what to do in the even of an emergency.

The truth is, when dealing with health insurance in TX there is no magic wand you can wave to make everything better. Insurance costs will always be high, and the plan you get will never have exactly what you want. The best tip overall is to take care of yourself and be prepared. Know what your policy offers and how to go about claiming it. Know how to deal with your medical providers and what to and not to ask for, and know what prescriptions, treatments and specialist offers you have coming to you.

The biggest place your insurance company is going to get you is in the little payments youíll have to make, so make sure you know what you need before they take what they can. And remember, your policy is your choice. Even if your company offers a policy, that doesnít mean itís the one you have to take. In fact, many times people can find a family policy that fits their needs at a lower rate than what they have to pay out through their work.

Too often the convenience of having something available overrides the intelligence of getting something we really need. If you shop around and do your homework, youíll find the policy that works best for your family. Texas Health insurance is a competitive market, so make the market work for you and shop until your satisfied, and remember not to stop. Itís your health, so make the most of it.
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